Business Values Driving Business Applications With Real-Time Data

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Business Values Driving Business Applications With Real-Time Data

This white paper explains how business values enable you to drive your business applications with real-time data

Driving business applications with real time data brings new dimension to business values in building business applications. BP Logix came up with the intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for rapid application development, through data obtained from System of records and System of engagement. Configure the business value through existing resource.

In this white paper on “Driving Business Applications with Real-Time Data,” discover more on driving real-time business data that will guide you on:

  • Accessing systems of record from the resulting data to configuring appropriate information within a business application

  • Using Data virtualization or Data Federation techniques to configure real-time data from System of record

  • Configuring to represent scalars or lists, and by combining business value properties with real-time data, can generate records and tables

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