Keymetrics: Empowering Node.js Developers with Stable Application Performance

Alexandre Strzelewicz, Founder & CEO
Node.js has invariably changed the landscape of server-side programming since its release in 2009. The single-threaded event loop architecture of Node.js enables developers to perform I/O-intensive operations including responding to HTTP requests in a much simplified and efficient manner. With Node.js, developers can now use the same language— JavaScript—on both the client and server. But with too many servers, Node.js applications tend to crash, and the need to create a solution that would address and resolve the issue becomes inevitable. A company called Keymetrics has just the solution that the Node.js developer community needs. Built on top of PM2, a performance application manager for Node.js apps, Keymetrics enables hassle-free monitoring of the performance, reliability, and errors. Pairing JavaScript’s event-driven, asynchronous coding style with the PM2 platform makes Node.js fast, lightweight, and efficient, while a better user experience can be ensured.

An open source project, PM2 is a process manager solution from Keymetrics that resolves the issue of abrupt application crashes in Node.js by enabling automatic application load-balancing and declarative application configuration, alongside monitoring the system. It manages application states making it easy for an admin to start, stop, restart, and delete processes. “Launching your Node.js apps with PM2 in "cluster-mode" will automatically scale your app by effectively load balancing it on available cores in the system” explains Shubham Sharma, the CMO at Keymetrics. The “cluster mode” allows the scaling of networked Node.js applications across all available CPUs, without any code modifications. Depending on the number of CPUs available, it increases the performance and reliability of the applications. PM2 also enables updating an application without any downtime.

The Keymetrics solution is a powerful networking software providing a complete toolset for monitoring the Node. js applications and processes. Everything from the CPU, memory usage, exception rate over time can be monitored through a real-time multi-server overview of all the involved servers and applications from a single dashboard.

Launching our app with PM2 in the cluster-mode distributes a load through a number of servers while effectively balancing it on available processors in the system

Its ability to remotely trigger functions alongside event tracking with remote retrieval of heapdump and CPU profiling for Node.js gives Keymetrics a worldwide recognition.

To top it off, PM2 can isolate logs and display them on the dashboard. A configurable alert system that comes with the dashboard can be set up to send e-mail notifications or raise flags on the dashboard itself. With Keymetrics, any user can create and run custom events from a code.

The underlying ideology behind their service is to provide value over complexity with complete application optimization, easy integration, and application monitoring on an intuitive and interactive graphical dashboard. “We aim to provide better interoperability to our customers by reducing the complexity of the tool’s infrastructure. We keep it simple—monitor, debug, and optimize,” explains Alexandre Strzelewicz, the founder and CEO of Keymetrics.

With over 48,000,000+ downloads, PM2 has become the first Process Manager for Node.js applications, and Keymetrics has empowered the global Node.js developer community with a complete performance management solution on an enterprise level. From providing large-scale clients with user-specific KPI dashboards to enabling start-ups to use the solution for basic monitoring needs by giving freedom to display anything in any desired format, Keymetrics has it all. With the technical advancement and the increasing adoption of Node.js in the community, the company has plans to enter the IoT space as well, making it the architecture of choice in the near future.


Paris, France & New York City, NY

Alexandre Strzelewicz, Founder & CEO and Shubham Sharma, CMO

Provides an open source platform, PM2 for hassle-free monitoring of reliability, performance, and errors in Node.js applications