Sphere 3D's Glassware 2.0 - Migrates Windows and Non-Windows Applications to Cloud
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Sphere 3D's Glassware 2.0 - Migrates Windows and Non-Windows Applications to Cloud

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Sphere 3D, provider of containerization and virtualization technologies introduce Glassware 2.0, containerization technology that is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud platform providing Azure customers complete access to the solution. The solution reduces the complexity of migrating the Windows and non-Windows application into cloud.

The burden of designing, implementing and managing application hosting environment is reduced as there is no need to translate or rewrite the code. Glassware 2.0 is capable of virtualizing 16-, 32- and 64-bit Microsoft Windows applications as well as non-Windows software. The solution also incorporates ‘Microvisor’ that ports the non-Windows software into cloud containers; only the required elements of Operating System are utilized for this transition.

Devices such as Chromebooks, Windows 10 devices, iPads, thin clients and tablets support the solution; whereas the host OS is not deployed on the device. The ‘write once run anywhere’ dimension of the solution eliminates the security risks as well as cost-complication.

Sphere 3D offers 2 delivery models: ‘Sphere 3D Exosphere’ deployed on Microsoft Azure Cloud accommodates 100 to 100000 users; while ‘Glassware G-Series’ deployed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace suits small organizations where 10s to 100s of users operate. The former model is currently available through direct solution delivery engagement. The latter model is reported to be available by November 2015.