Computer Sciences Corp (CSC) : Digitally Re-Mastering Businesses through Application Management

John Michael Lawrie, President & CEO “It’s like competing in a Formula 1 race with a car that’s 10 years old and trying to replace the engine for better performance at the same time.” This contemplation succinctly portrays the present day CIOs’ predicament in grappling the myriad of applications accrued over the years. As the most tangible expression of a company’s business processes and intellectual property, it is imperative for the applications to be in sync with the latest digital disruptions to meet organizations’ requirements. The transformative journey, however need not be undertaken in solitude, but by leveraging alliances with a technology partner like CSC [NYSE:CSC] for guidance along the way. With the nexus of forces advancing the technology landscape, applications hold more potential to revamp businesses. CSC helps in bridging an organization’s core businesses to these innovations by renovating older applications, implementing new applications, and deploying SaaS.

“We modernize, mobilize, innovate, integrate, and manage the world’s applications ecosystem, driving verticalized business value for our customers,” affirms Mike Lawrie, President and CEO, CSC. Ingenuity has been the driving force behind CSC’s success. Through best-in-class industry solutions, domain expertise, and global scale, CSC is building on more than fifty years of client service to enable superior returns on clients’ technology investments. A global leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services, CSC’s application services portfolio is designed to support clients and help them compete effectively in today’s new realities.

Enhancing Business Services

CSC’s Application Management Services (AMS) help enterprises respond to changing business needs and risks, and shift their applications management focus from that of an overhead cost to a business benefit. In the wake of constrained budgets, it is difficult to cope with a greater number and complex applications that need to be supported. CSC effectively addresses this by listening to customer feedback and re-thinking applications management from a business-first perspective. The firm’s next generation AMS harness both the traditional skills built over the years alongside a range of new business-centered capabilities.

Under the services portfolio, the firm’s Application Strategy and Governance service aligns IT and business strategy for an effective and sustainable application transformation program. CSC’s industry, business and technology subject-matter specialists chart a comprehensive strategy that includes an assessment, blueprint, road map and business case.

In addition, to reduce testing costs, while continually improving quality and throughput of new functionality, CSC’s Application Test Services offer functional, non-functional, and test automation services to ensure the optimal performance of applications.
"We modernize, mobilize, innovate, integrate, and manage the world’s applications ecosystem, driving verticalized business value for our customers"

CSC’s deep knowledge and domain expertise in healthcare, banking, insurance, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and automotive industries, among others, enables the firm to put forth its proven best practices. The traditional applications management combined with next generation services and global delivery capabilities present the winning combination.

CSC’s new analytical approaches and automation techniques helps an enterprise optimize business value from their applications estate. The new and flexible service consumption models aligned to variable business needs allow for increased or decreased consumption due to seasonal or cyclical peak loads with variable pricing models. Budgetary value is attained through multiple configurable support options that create opportunities for cost savings. CSC’s traditional AMS focus on skills and leverage its global centers of excellence, whereas the next generation services focus on new application management capabilities and service options.

For instance, management as a service offering leverages a full range of tools and automation including Service Now and the recently acquired company, Fruition Partners. The services include application package upgrades and performance engineering services to optimize applications’ performance and identify and help mitigate business risks. The firm’s database management services helps optimize databases to cope with the huge increase in data volumes and to maintain databases while the platform management services address the increasing use of new and modern cloud and mobile platforms and devices which are now at the core of business operations. “We have been able to identify opportunities that can save up to 37 percent of traditional applications management costs, depending o n circums tances , when clients are able to fully leverage next generation AMS and establish a regime to enable new levels of business agility and user satisfaction,” states Lawrie.

Charting the Modernization Journey

CSC’s application modernization is an approach that extends the life of applications through rationalization and innovation. The service transforms the business and technical environments with modernization and application portfolio management services that leverage innovations in cloud, mobility, cyber, social and analytics. The compelling results include the typical 20 to 30 percent drop in total cost of ownership resulting through the elimination of obsolete apps, infrastructure and databases. Risk profile is strengthened by 10 to 20 percent, largely by replacing custom apps with COTS. By changing the service mix to cloud, SaaS, managed services and business process services, the agility factor improves by 30 to 40 percent. CSC is helping clients to redirect their unlocked capital to higher-value projects that support the business strategy through its Application Modernization Services.

In a particular instance, a leading global network computing products and services provider is currently undergoing a major transformation in the way they are doing business.

CSC’s application modernization is an approach that extends the life of applications through rationalization and innovation

To maintain their leadership position in the industry and remain competitive globally, the client has entrusted CSC with the responsibility of its application development and support. The client will build on CSC's contract base and industry experience to go to market more effectively.
The transition involves 850 of their employees outsourced to CSC, with a majority of them based in India. Skilled applications professionals will be trained in applying the company’s solutions in the jointly established development centre in India. On completion of the transitioning process, CSC will manage the client’s complete portfolio of internal business systems applications.The client has greatly benefitted in terms of cost saving to the tune of thirty five percent through outsourcing and the increased flexibility to more easily scale up and down application services operations with CSC rather than with in-house personnel, to meet the business demand.


With new business models requiring new processes and changes to the supporting systems and infrastructure, the transformative process involves a passage through different stages. An organization may need to retire or decommission certain applications, while still leaving the data accessible, or may need to consolidate applications for better functioning. Effectiveness of could result from remediating and migrating applications to the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs or reengineer or integrate them with other systems.

CSC’s “Manage-Transform-Manage” model allows an enterprise to quickly and intelligently bring its application environment to a state whereby the firm derives benefits out of today’s technologies from the existing infrastructure. The first, “Manage” cuts costs by optimizing and streamlining the existing applications to use the efficiency savings to fund the required remediation—to “Transform” the applications by migrating or re-engineering them to integrate with emerging systems to support big data, mobility, cloud computing or other technologies. The second, “Manage” according to Lawrie is to manage the entire transformed application environment going forward as one cohesive whole reshaping the client experience.

“With the transformation completed, the applications will be retired, consolidated, migrated or re-engineered enabling our clients to better meet the needs of their business. As we actively create a more nimble, valued and successful CSC, our commitment to collaboration, innovative offerings and outstanding service to our clients remains as strong as ever,” reaffirms Lawrie.


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John Michael Lawrie, President & CEO

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